Episode 1 of ‘Girl Meets Bug’: Waxworm Tacos

Waxworms are the larvae of the Wax Moth, Achroia grisella, (AKA the Bee Moth), and are found in bee hives where they feed on honey, beeswax, pollen, etc. Waxworms tunnel through the honeycomb like Pac-Man, trying to avoid the bees while they munch on everything in sight. In captivity, waxworms are raised on a diet of wheat bran and honey, which explains their delicious, subtle flavor: a cross between chanterelle mushrooms and sweet almond meal. These particular waxworms came from San Diego Waxworms: 

Waxworm tacos are a very simple dish: just saute them with onions, olive oil and a dash of salt (and/or your seasoning of choice). Then pile on your favorite taco ingredients, and take a bite of clean, healthy, environmentally-efficient protein. You’ll be amazed at how good they are!


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  1. Great job, Daniella! Have you considered getting any restaurants to offer them? After all, these are not so different from the “gusanos” in traditional Mexican cookery.

  2. I like your site a lot. I hope to see it progress over the months.

  3. Hi Daniella. I just finnished watching your video with your waxworm tacos.
    I have included your blog’s URL on my Facebook page since I am a proponent of Entomophagy and often include news bit on it. Have you tried pitching your idea to the Food Channel? You could travel around the world, showcasing the different cultures and have a litte cook off at the end.
    You definetely have the charisma for it. 🙂

    Good luck.


  4. so my soul brotha and myself, just last night, knowingly ate our first bugs. made some waxworm tacos just like the video. tried em raw and everything – was pretty crazy and exhilarating. didn’t really feel like they had any taste raw – it was just pretty weird having the little pop in my mouth knowing what was making it, HA!

    i do have one huge question – it must’ve taken us 20 minutes to pick all the worms out of the sawdust! (bought from sdwaxworms) is there some special trick!?

    now i can’t say i was too thrilled about the taste, probably because we did cook them in onions although i hate onions (smart right?), but we’re definitely going to try again. i guess crickets is the next stop, eh. where would you suggest buying crickets?

  5. Javier Breceda

    You are the best, I’m ahuge fan.
    I love you, you are my idol.
    You have save my project, I’m currently working on a proposed invention for the global market and you have given me the ingridient to my reciepe.
    Thank you.
    -Javier Breceda

  6. hi i like to know about bug and worm eating. how do you eat bugs. sri lankan people usually affraid bugs. our people eat crabs and prawn. but never eat bugs. send me detail of bugs. i am kanchana nissan. also i has facebook account.

  7. WAY TO GO DANIELLA! All I need now is to find a good bug market here in the D.C. area!

  8. Andrew (portland, or)


  9. I heard you on the CBC this morning and think you are ahead of your time

  10. Charming presentation, charming personality, and stunningly attractive.
    I would only have a slight hesitation to kiss you before you’d brushed your teeth!
    I would be concerned that as the feasibility of incorporating insects into our diet develops, our profit-before-people fast food industry will supplement the 100% Beef they say they use- with a better-for-you blend, something compared to the purpose of ethanol our friendly fuel industry has adopted; all the while, of course, leaving out the actual source of the nutrient…. 😉

  11. hi Daniella

    I also heard you on the CBC and think you’re great. I will try one of your recipes but to be honest I would rather be vegetarian than eat bugs frequently. Just personal preference at least until I try them. I think we should eat locally so I’m not sure about exporting insects from Indonesia etc.

    • Daniella Martin

      Hi Laurel,


      You know, recent research shows that most primates are mostly vegetarian – except for a few bugs. Also, bugs can be the most local food imaginable, since you can easily raise them in your own home, or get them from farms. No need to import! 🙂

  12. Thats just gross why would you do that they are bugs not food imagine someone eating you up

  13. What the heck just wierd

  14. Oh im so sorry for being mean but today i watched another of you videos and i noticed that you really do like bugs i thought you were just being cruel sorry i love animals i just over reacted

  15. Ha! Just saw this. Great!

  16. Hi Daniella, Very inspiring indeed. I’m off to buy wax worms from the local tackle shop today. Definitely gonna try your wax worm taco recipe. Looks great.

  17. This looks like a very tasty recipe. Think I’ma gonna git me some!

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