Comment Policy

Although I want to nurture discussion and debate, if your comment is just about how you think eating insects is “gross,” etc., without explaining why you feel that way, I won’t approve it. I’m happy to have diverse opinions on here, but if your comment doesn’t add to the discussion, it’s not getting posted.

Put shortly: if your comment ≈ “gross!” without you backing up why you think it’s gross, it’s a no-go.

The same goes for “Nope” “This is stupid!” “Just eat vegetables.” Unless you’re prepared to discuss your reasoning, your comment doesn’t get to play. 


One response to “Comment Policy

  1. I’d like to find some recipes for homemade sausages or hot dogs that use insects in the mix or use insects completely. Been looking…no luck yet. I may have to just trial and error it =)

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