Hexa-Podcasts: Hear me chirp about edible insects!

With Jian Ghomeshi of CBC:

Would you eat a bug?

Daniella close up.jpgToday, Jian spoke to Daniella Martin, insect-eating advocate and host of the online cooking show Girl Meets Bug.

She argues that insects are nutritious, environmentally friendly source of animal protein. And she swears they taste good too.

She recommended a couple of sources for edible insects including the Hotlix company, and Typhoon Restaurant in Santa Monica. You can also find more sources, and recipes on her website.

What do you think? Should bugs be grub? Let us know what you think — or share your favourite recipes.

Listen (17:41):

With Jan Irvin of

Daniella Martin interview – “Entomophagy: NOT Eating Insects is Dumb”



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