Girl Meets BOOK!

(Working title.) Photo by Kimberly Sandie for SF Chronicle

It’s official: I have a book deal! Amazon Publishing, in all their worldly wisdom, has decided to give this insectivorous ink-slinger the opportunity of a lifetime: to tell the story of entomophagy as I know it.

If all goes according to plan, I’ll get to visit experts and projects in Europe, Asia, Latin America, and various places across the US. I’ll keep you posted via this blog, my Facebook page, and Twitter as things progress. It should be a pretty interesting journey.

The book won’t be available for awhile, since I haven’t even finished writing it yet, but if you’d like to be added to a mailing list for updates, releases, and other fun, secret, book-club-only stuff, email me at Also, if you have any questions, tips, suggestions, or just plain writing advice :), send ’em there, too.

Thanks as always for your support and interest in this not-so-niche-anymore subject. See ya in the funny pages! (Because, hopefully, parts of the book will be funny. Ok, it didn’t really work; I just wanted to say it.)

3 responses to “Girl Meets BOOK!

  1. You’ve worked hard. You’ve really earned this! HURRAY!

  2. We love your blog! If you have a twitter, we’re @jiminycrickeat

  3. #yesyesyes I am doing research for a zombie apocalypse cookbook that I am writing and will definitely be plugging bug eating as the easiest/most feasible way for survivors to get protein and a whole host of other essentials. So happy to have found your blog! I was very let down at the availability of books on the topic (through Amazon, anyway), meaning your book is sorely needed. Congrats!

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