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  1. Kicking things off! Just curious, did the photo shoot with the scorpion in your mouth go well? :). Nice seeing you at the fair!

  2. Thanks for the list. Know where I can find more substantive info on edible species / how to grow and harvest my own?

  3. is bugs meat like chiken?…. how could you find bugs ….

  4. Hey, why did you stop making these video’s? They’re fun and appetizing!

  5. Hello…

    Loved your kcrw interview. What was that simple worm recipe with wasabi you spoke of at the end? Something like worms, sugar, salt, wasabi… but I forgot how to prepare them.

    Please let me know if you have time…

    • Daniella Martin

      Hi Marc,

      It’s so easy! Just spread the frozen wax worms on a baking sheet, and bake them at, oh, say 350. Check them every few minutes, and shake them around on the pan so they are evenly toasted — you want them to get toasty and crispy-looking, slightly golden. About 5-10 minutes in the oven. Then, you take them out and toss them in a frying pan on medium heat with a little salt, sugar, and wasabi. The sugar will melt onto them, creating the glaze and helping to stick the wasabi. You could even try it with chili powder or the spice of your choice, as the wax worms are so mild. Enjoy!

  6. hi,
    I am glad for this site. I’m a graduate student at University in Turkey.
    I am studying nutritional value of edible insect in laboratory. I bought edible insects with packet from internet a few of this insect
    I studied them but it is insufficient. I want to study uncooked and bought insect especially in open bazaar ( as Africa baazaar)
    Edible insects isn’t buy in Turkey because people don’t know and have never eat them.
    how can I provide edible insect ? may you help me?

  7. Hey do you have any information on how to grow them?

  8. Hello,
    Before I ask my question I would just like to complement you on your website. I highly support your creative insect preparations. I believe insects are a good alternative source of protein. I’m admire your success on this website. So anyway, when you grow the wax worms, how do you separate the wax worms from the substrate and feed?

  9. Hi!
    Wonderful blog with a fascinating topic! You’re whetting my appetite … But now for my question: what is the largest edible bug you know?

  10. Just wanted to tell you that I appreciate what you’re doing. I teach wild foods and have found that there is a ton of info…and a lot of interest in plants…but not nearly the same with entomophagy. Glad to know there is someone in the public eye working to bring the practice to light. Thanks.

  11. Dear,

    Good work.

    I invite you to visit the west and central Africa French countries edible insects website:


    Melissotarsus tchibozoi new species (Benin)
    Séverin Tchibozo
    Centre de Recherche pour la Gestion de la Biodiversité (CRGB)
    04 B.p. 0385 Cotonou, BENIN
    Tél: (+229) 21031879 / 95063950 / 21353095

  12. Greetings,

    I have just finished listening to your interview on the CBC radio one, out of Toronto, Canada. It was fantastic to hear your enthusiasm. It made me happy to hear such important information being broadcasted. May you have continued happiness, success and health. If anyone has any links or thoughts on the future of, Canadian Entomophagy, I would appreciate your insight.

  13. Absolutely awesome site – love it!
    I am totally in agreement with the nutritional value of bugs (not all bugs though… there are quite a few that I *won’t* eat). In my opinion God put these here for us as a self-replicating food source, you hardly need to do anything, bugs are pretty much everywhere and especially in African countries where people are often malnourished this can make a huge impact. As an aside, John the baptist lived on honey, locusts and presumably other bugs for years.

    Anyway, keep up the good work!

  14. I send you an email. I wanna do a short story about your bugs cuisine. May I interview you?

  15. Listened to your interview with Jan and loved it. I’ve shared with many friends and family and receive ZERO response, I guess this kind of paradigm shift might take a while to digest.. ran across this post and wondered what you thought about bugs which adapt to GMO’s and such.. On the one hand, it says a lot about the adaptability to changing circumstances and ability to survive focused attempts at eradication.. on the other hand, I wonder what the chemical and physiological effects of this adaptation are on someone who eats the insect which have been changed, not by natural pressure and influences, but by man made genetic or toxic manipulation. You said that bugs are literally what they eat and there are some bugs you wouldn’t suggest eating for the same reason. Does this create a need to be even more discerning in the bugs we eat? If not, why?

    thanks for getting this stuff out to us.. i’ll keep sharing.. oh, and i intend on trying my first bug-rrito with the wax worms..soon..ish, or as soon as i find a source..

  16. I am very interested in growing my own bugs to eat… I live in a community of 31 houses and we are creating ways of being more self sustainable… bugs seems like a natural step forward.

    Do you know of any resources to help me / us get going in this direction.

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  18. I found a website from Thailand which sells a HUGE variety of insects including a queen-something.. XD I forgot.

  19. Awesome website!
    I am just wondering if you are aware of the Weston A. Price Foundation? They are a nutrition-awareness organization that is very much in favor of consuming insects for their superior nutritional value. If you’re not already in touch with them, you should be! I’ll bet they would be happy to give you some publicity. The organization’s website is at

  20. I’m curious about the possibilities of cat food made from insects. I mean if regular meat production for the human population is becoming less and less sustainable, what hopes to cats have?! As obligate carnivores they can’t eat vegan like we humans can, so I think a commercially produced 100% insect cat food would be an easy sell to environmentally-aware cat owners.

  21. We are a young company that provides edible insects harvested and imported from Africa, mainly (DRC).
    we would like to introduce.
    If you want to diversify your offering.
    I am at your disposal to present our offer and our project.
    Do not hesitate to contact me


  22. Please post a pin on Pinterest there are many people (especially preppers) that would love to learn about alternative food sources. Pinterest is such a good way to reach so many uneducated but willing to learn people!

  23. Hi! You might have no recollection of this, but we met you at the bug museum probably close to a year ago now. My blonde headed 5 yr old fearless daughter volunteered to eat a fried dragonfly out of the crowd and you photographed her. You had asked me to email you to approve the photos for a book maybe? I unfortunately had lost or misplaced your contact details but somehow, have serendipitously now run across your site. I was just curious if you still have the photos by chance.. If you did, you’re welcome to use them, and I’d love to see them! And if they are long gone, I’m sorry for not being able to get in touch earlier. Thanks, I hope all is well for you. Feel free to email me if you have need anything else.

  24. have you ordered from thailand unique. i want to know if i have to pay import fees fo rordering to the united states

  25. Hi-
    We’re desperate for crickets and grasshoppers in the Los angeles area right now 🙂
    Any ideas????

  26. Please check out my “Where To Get Insects” page.

  27. Hi, love your blog.. we added your link to our website

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