I wrote a book!

EDIBLE: An Adventure into the World of Eating Insects and the Last Great Hope to Save the Planet

EDIBLE - Final Cover - Hi-Res (1)


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This book has taken a third of my life to write: it includes nearly 13 years of study, travel, following my curiosity, and researching weird stuff most people never even think to think about. Not to mention all the crazy stuff I ate.

I’ve been bitten and stung by all kinds of bugs, in all kinds of places, to make this book. I tasted over 35 different species, including those that are venomous, squishy, slimy, and even alive. I had 48 hours in beautiful Phuket, and spent most of them in the mosquito-ridden forest so I could eat giant palm larvae (I literally had 45 minutes at the beach). I got very ill in gorgeous places. I puked repeatedly in a 5 star hotel. ALL FOR YOU.

Eating insects is the Next Big Thing. Nations around the world are waking up to this idea, to the potential it has to change the way we eat and relate to our environment. Millions are being spent to discover just how far we can run with something that we’ve overlooked till now. This book will get you up to date on why, how, and where to eat bugs. It’s an adventure totally unlike anything you’ve seen or heard, a new dimension in science, nutrition, travel, culture and cuisine.

Eat bugs, save the world.

Here are some reviews of my book, written by real people (not lizards):

“Regardless of readers’ culinary proclivities, [Daniella] Martin’s lively book poses timely questions while offering tasty solutions.” Kirkus Reviews

“In this chatty, informative, and eminently readable manifesto–cum–food travelogue, Martin takes the reader along as she talks to chefs who cook with insects, muses about vegetarianism and veganism (and why being a vegan ultimately won’t work), collects corn earworms from a community farm, rhapsodizes on the flavor of sautéed waxworms, and, in general, turns us on to eating bugs.” Booklist

“It’s not easy for most Americans to see this, but insects are going to be a far bigger part of our menus in the next 25 years. Daniella Martin’s Edibleis a fun, articulate look at the world of entomophagy, and the arguments for adding insects to our diet.” —Josh Schonwald, author of The Taste ofTomorrow: Dispatches from the Future of Food

“Daniella Martin’s contagious ‘entosiasm’ for eating insects makes you rush to join the insect-eating movement that people in the Western world left aside by mistake in the past.” —Marcel Dicke, professor of entomology at Wageningen University, The Netherlands, and author ofThe Insect Cookbook: Food for a Sustainable Planet

29 responses to “I wrote a book!

  1. Good for you! I am sharing away!! I hope you sell a ton!

  2. This contest isn’t available to Canadians. 😦 Looking forward to it’s release anyway.

  3. DUDE i am so excited to purchase your book! i can’t find it on amazon right now, do i need to wait til february (just in time for my birthday!!)?! very much looking forward to the release 😀

  4. Intrigued, I once tried a cicaida with my daughter on a dare from my other little girl and it was not as good as the burnt popcorn billing it received. http://www.scalelily.com/index.html

  5. I just finished your book & have to say it was REMARKABLE! literally by half way through i was like salivating thinking about all the possible bugs to munch on! I am so excited, hoping to get my hands on some insects asap! your writing is fantastic! super informative & delightfully hilarious. this book has inspired me beyond anything i’ve ever read before. thank you for your work!! I have been bringing up the topic with EVERYONE I have conversation with. All my friends now know the low-down on insect eating & surprisingly their reactions have been quite open-minded. I really hope to keep this movement going & let as many people know about the awesome possibilities of entomophagy. I can’t even express via this post my enthusiasm about your book! It’s awesome, you’re awesome & thank you!!

  6. I just ordered your book and i cant wait to read it. I hope this frees up time for you to make some more videos that showcase some great cooking techniques as well as edible species. I am currently exploring the taste differences and farming challenges of the different species of grasshopper native to north america. if you have any insight into which specific species seem to taste better id appreciate the correspondence. thanks for your contributions and keep up the great work.

  7. I’ve been digging into this ever since the Shark Tank episode on crickets, very interesting…can’t wait to read your book, just ordered!

  8. Bavana Gaddam

    I just finished your book and I absolutely loved it! It really opened my mind to a concept that I haven’t heard much about before. Never thought I would ever say this, but I’m definitely open to the idea of eating insects now after reading your book.

  9. Just bought it! Looking forward to getting into it. Also, curious to hear what you think about offering bugs on food cards in the US. Don Bugito has been doing this in San Fran with some success (but not without challenges in competing with your typical greasy fare). I would like to see what the adoption might be in the midwest (ie, cheese-curd-loving Wisconsin)…

  10. Is this available as an epub file?

  11. I looked for it on Amazon, (UK), but could only find the hardcover, not the Kindle?

  12. read it, loved it, now I have to convince my wife to let me start raising mealworms & crickets at home (she’s anti-entomophagy).

  13. There is something very very wrong with someone who looks at a bug and thinks ‘dinner’ and I’m sure the condition must be in some handbook guide to the mentally ill.

  14. I have your book, and want to try eating bugs myself, but I want to know what company you found that you used for your first waxworm excursion. could you give me a link to their website? thanks.

  15. Thanks, and sorry I didn’t see it before.

  16. I just ordered your book… About 12 -15 years ago I ate smoked silkworm cocoons (two of them) because my uncle brought them up for my father to test — since these two guys claimed to eat ANYthing. Once, at least. The cocoons were HORRID, but I suspect that was what they were smoked in, rather than being the fault of the cocoon itself. They didn’t want to admit it, but since they gave me the rest of the canister rather than keeping them themselves, they weren’t impressed either. I tossed them out — but I want to try insects without that sort of lame “smoking” treatment. Looking forward to reading!!!

    • Daniella Martin

      Not to contradict, but I think what you ate was canned silkworm pupae, known as beondegi in Korean. The cocoons, remember, are what they use to make silk! And if that’s what it was, I agree – HORRID. Perhaps the worst thing I have ever tasted. Interestingly, fresh fried silkworm pupae are delicious, like chicken-y popcorn. Super-good with beer.

      Hope you enjoy “Edible”!

  17. hello Daniella, we have been discussion non-edible insects on http://entomoforum.com/showthread.php?t=2032
    and would be very interesting to hear your view on that. Or if u already have written a post about it.

  18. Great article about entomophagy!

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