My Facebook Page Gets All The Attention

Hey folks, just an FYI – I do WAYYY more posting on my FB page, than I do on my blog. I post a few times a day there, on average.

I have no excuse for this, except that I get the instant gratification of immediate feedback, and posting just a photo is totally legit. Ok, that’s a couple of excuses.

Anyway, c’mon over and see what I’m up to – lots of opportunity for discussions, commentary, etc. And I keep you up to date with breaking bug news, jokes, and cool pictures. Like this one of me eating Oo-suzumebachi, or Japanese Giant Hornet, and The Oatmeal saying I give him nightmares.

Oatmeal Nighmares

3 responses to “My Facebook Page Gets All The Attention

  1. That link does not work like a good link should…

  2. Daniella Martin

    Thanks, Sloan! I think I fixed it.

  3. I really like your website. I also like the fact that people give it more and more attention. Eating insects should become a common thing. However, what I miss on your website is a nice, clear cut, article about allergies. Even if its a negative “thing” , I miss it. I think you should include this too. Food allergies should not be left out and when eating insects this is also an important topic.
    Anyway, its a nice website.

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