Spice up your event or classroom with Girl Meets Bug!

Want to make your event, party, or class the most unique of the season? Then you need bugs, my friend. Lots of bugs. 

A Girl Meets Bug speaking engagement/cooking demonstration is sure to get everyone’s attention, while at the same time making a positive, eco-friendly statement. Students and guests alike will be wowed by the cool insects they’ll see, the fascinating facts they’ll learn, and the delicious bug d’oeuvres! 

Cucumber Garlic Crickets as served at the World Future Council/UN "Year Of The Forest" Awards Dinner

 I have menus and packages for every occasion:
  • Festivals
  • Dinner parties
  • School assemblies
  • Outdoor/survival programs
  • Cooking classes
  • You name it!

I’ve spoken and performed extensively at places like: the Central Park Zoo, the Los Angeles Museum of Natural History, the California Academy of Sciences, the California State Fair, NASA, Ripley’s Believe It Or Not, the Guinness World Records Museum, as well as on TV and radio.

 Give your guests the mouthful they’ll never stop talking about!

For dates and rates, contact me at girlmeetsbug@gmail.com.


4 responses to “Spice up your event or classroom with Girl Meets Bug!

  1. You are amazing, this was really an eye opener for me. I would love if you could come to my school. Unfortunately I live in Sweden haha

  2. Hi we are doing a presentation at our school on entomophagy and we were going to make cookies with cricket flour. We are having some trouble finding edible crickets for humans (not reptiles) online that are not chocolate covered. Do you know of anywhere we can purchase freeze dried or roasted crickets for human consumption online?

    • Hello Mimi,

      To tell you the truth, most of us entomophagists do not distinguish between insects meant for reptiles and those meant for humans, as most are raised in a similar fashion, on the same foods, etc. I understand, though – I was freaked out about it at first, too, until I tried a bunch, and asked around, and realized there weren’t significant differences.

      If you absolutely must have “food-grade” crickets, call up the Hotlix company: (805) 473-0596, and ask for a bag of plain dried crickets (these are not offered for sale on the site, you have to call and ask – tell ’em I sent ya). They are more expensive than live crix, and taste different since they’ve been pre-dried, but they are meant for human consumption.

      Alternatively, check out http://www.Worldentomophagy.com, where they sell organic, food-grade mealworms and mealworm flour.

      Best of luck on your project!

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