6-Ingredient Cricket Stir-Fry

Cabbage, Peas ‘n’ Crickets

I just came up with a new recipe “on the fly,” as it were, as I was cooking lunch: an easy, 6-ingredient stir fry starring crickets as the main protein, calcium and iron source.

This recipe is crazy simple. All you need is crickets, snap peas, and cabbage. Toss them in hot oil with a pinch of garlic and salt, and voila. Bug’s on!


  • Handful of crickets
  • 1 cup chopped snap peas
  • 1 cup chopped red cabbage
  • 1 tbs olive oil
  • 1 crushed clove of garlic
  • Pinch of salt

Chop snap peas and cabbage. Heat olive oil in pan or wok. Begin stir-frying veggies and crickets. After 1 minute or so, add crushed garlic. Once cooked to desired level (I prefer mine firm and crunchy) add salt. Bug appetit!


6 responses to “6-Ingredient Cricket Stir-Fry

  1. This looks great!!

    Can I just go grab some crickets from Pets-Mart, or will those not do?

  2. Nice touch adding Garlic, I bet that really cricks it up a notch, and the peas should help to compliment the crunchy poppingness. As for the cabbage, perhaps Bok Choy crunchy Chinese cabbage as a sub and/or Celery. If you like salty then Soy or Tamari would enhance the overall umami.


  3. we should sell that at flying saucers!

  4. I’m with Nate, my main obstacle to eating bugs is where do I get them? And I see so many cricket-looking things in the fields, are those okay to eat?

  5. @Nate and MrPopular, I would suggest visiting your local pet store. Crickets are usually $1 /dozen. Depending on your hand size, a “hand full” is probably about 2 dozen adults; at least that is what I’ll use when I try this. Also, I would avoid collecting bugs in the wild in case there is a chance they would have ate something with pesticides. However, you can collect in the wild, breed them, then you’ll know the off-spring will be safe to eat. Happy Munchy Crunchy!

  6. @Nate, MrPopular and Brandon. Make sure if you get the crickets from a pet store you feed them your own source of food for at least a week before munching. That way you’ll have the chance to purge most of the food they were fed in the store. Since you’re upgrading your food, probably healthier to upgrade theirs and know what you’re eating.

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