Ripley’s Bug Fest

Ripley’s Believe It Or Not in Hollywood, CA had me in to host their first annual Bug Fest. I served crickets, scorpions, mealworms, stinkbugs, grasshoppers, tarantulas, silkworms, Madagascar Hissing cockroaches, and even a giant waterbug!

Hundreds of people showed up to taste a bug. If they ate a super-scary bug, they got to enter the museum for free!


2 responses to “Ripley’s Bug Fest

  1. Since you mentioned cooking hissers for this event, do you have any recommendations for how to cook them? I take them to schools when I do insect outreach events so the kids can interact with them. They always ask me if you can eat them when I talk about how hissing protects them from predators. Just curious how you would suggest preparing them so I can share how you might eat one! (I’m not cooking my hissers though… They are cherished pets!)

  2. is this done every year. I would love to try a mealworm and crickets and I love ants. I hope this is done every year. Let me know.

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