Girl Meets Bug Meets The Doctors

I was invited to participate in a very cool “Truth Or Dare” segment on The Doctors: the Truth is, insects are a good source of protein, but do you Dare eat them? Dr. Ordon did!

4 responses to “Girl Meets Bug Meets The Doctors

  1. Hey Daniella, great video! You should have tried talking up the tastiness of the bugs more though! I reckon that the way to win people over is really to start talking about the awesome flavors. I have never eaten any of the bugs you write about on this blog, but you have my mouth watering when you describe how giant water bugs taste or when you start describing enoki-flavored pinenuts or bacon-y crunchiness etc. The way to get people to eat more bugs is to start with the flavor argument rather than the ecological argument (which I just don’t think is sufficient to win people over whose antipathy to bug-eating is so entrenched). The eco argument is the clincher, but the flavor argument is the attitude-changer. As I’m sure you probably know from all the cooking demonstrations you’ve done.
    You probably already know about this, but the British celebrity chef Heston Blumenthal of the Michelin-star rated Fatty Duck restaurant recently did an episode of this TV show where he prepared an edible insect banquet. Nothing was mentioned about environmentalism, but I’m pretty sure that minds were opened across Britain when the guests at the banquet, initially grossed out, started rhapsodizing about how delicious the bugs were. Here are the Youtube links:

    • EJ,

      I agree with you regarding opening with flavor, actually – I think that people might be more motivated by the carrot than the stick, so to speak.

      I love this Blumenthal episode. I would love to recreate that banquet!

  2. this is really weird but who the heck am to judge hey all bug lovers if you wanna have you some bug no problem

  3. Awesome! I write about nutrition and have considered writing about insects as food source. In order to localize the story, though (I live in Indianapolis), I have to wait until April, when Indiana’s Purdue University hosts the Bug Bowl (featuring teriyaki mealworms and chocolate cricket cookies). I’m glad I found your page, because I want to try some insect cuisine but don’t have any recipes.

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