Hear me eat a live bug on Treehugger Radio

Daniella Martin on How and Why to Eat Bugs (Podcast)

by Jacob Gordon, Nashville, TN on 01.21.11

Daniella Martin Girl Meets Bug photo

If you’ve ever wondered exactly how best to deep fry a scorpion, or make a taco out of wax worms, Daniella Martin is your woman. Not only are insects scrumptious, says the host of Girl Meets Bug, but our six-legged friends have a much lighter environmental footprint than livestock. And don’t worry about variety: the UN estimates over 1,000 species of edible insects. Daniella tells us how to do some basic insect prep, and even eats a wax worm during the show. “Tastes like a cross between a chanterelle mushroom and a pine nut.”

Listen to the podcast of this interview via iTunes, or just click here to listen, right-click to download.

Music is “Bugs!” by Ash Koley.


2 responses to “Hear me eat a live bug on Treehugger Radio

  1. I don’t even know how I tripped over this post, but I was just tonight trying to learn about eating bugs for a scene in my novel. Cool!

  2. Hi,

    i’m french and i have a website about edible insectes. Can i use your pictures and video?


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