Coming Soon: Episode 2 – Fried Scorpion

We at Girl Meets Bug are hard at work on Episode 2 — Fried Scorpion. Here is a sneak peek at things to come!

Is your stomach growling yet?


9 responses to “Coming Soon: Episode 2 – Fried Scorpion

  1. Don’t do it! Not with this one! PLEASE.

  2. Ha ha, Jeannie, relax! Emperor scorpions have some of the lowest potency venom of all scorpions, which is why they are often kept as pets. This one tasted like soft shell crab — delicious!

  3. Ha! Well thanks, that eases my concern a bit…I think you are pioneer, NO Doubt, but I’m still glad that you’re the pioneer, not me.

  4. That scorpion is huge. My hat is off to you!

  5. You’re awesome! Love the site, and keep it up. Not sure I can convince my kids to eat bugs, but it definitely encourages me to reduce my own meet consumption.

  6. You are brave!! I’ve eaten grasshoppers and bees, and had no problem with them. But I tell ya, something as big as a scorpion makes me much more antsy (pun intended!). 😉

  7. blah blah blacksheep

    It’s ironic that early hunter gatherers who moved on to animal husbandry and herding totally skipped over insect husbandry and herding. They’d go out and gather food, hunt…but it didn’t occur to them to bring some bugs home, stick them in a closed-off, netted area of a few yards and let the breed like crazy. So now we’re stuck with taboos against eating bugs in western culture, and folks trying to solve hunger over here and looking at really crappy sources of protein, like soy. Bugs have a higher bio-assimilable protein, their chitin is a natural saturated fat absorbing fiber, and they’re chock full of nutrients. Instead of eating grains, we should be letting the bugs eat the grain and then eat the bugs. It’s crazy that we have it reversed.

  8. This one tasted like soft shell crab ?? Well, i will never eat even it taste like fried prawn !

  9. I take it differently – as such we have been wiping off big game from the face of the we human beings are targeting bugs..not talk about environment do you explain wiping off whole food-chains? Insects help pollinate flowers and ward off various pests. We hardly find scorpions these days in the wild. Beautiful red mites are all but gone, thanks to pesticides..pity!

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