Girl Meets Bug Episode 1

Episode 1 of ‘Girl Meets Bug’: Waxworm Tacos

Waxworms are the larvae of the Wax Moth, Achroia grisella, (AKA the Bee Moth), and are found in bee hives where they feed on honey, beeswax, pollen, etc. Waxworms tunnel through the honeycomb like Pac-Man, trying to avoid the bees while they munch on everything in sight. In captivity, waxworms are raised on a diet of wheat bran and honey, which explains their delicious, subtle flavor: a cross between chanterelle mushrooms and sweet almond meal. These particular waxworms came from San Diego Waxworms: They ship ’em right to your door.

Waxworm tacos are a very simple dish: just saute them with onions, olive oil and a dash of salt (and/or your seasoning of choice). Then pile on your favorite taco ingredients, and take a bite of clean, healthy, environmentally-efficient protein. You’ll be amazed at how good they are!


8 responses to “Girl Meets Bug Episode 1

  1. Ok…so I’ve just had to contribute to this brilliancy. I’m looking forward to more things to come in the future for sure. 5 stars from me!

  2. oh girl, you have met your calling. and I have not missed mine. but if there’s anyone who could get me to eat a bug, it’s probably you!

  3. OMG!
    Eating bugs is for poor people!!

    Although I would like to learn more recipes so i can make my husband dishes when he pisses me off.

    So this would be a good show for housewives that need to put their husbands in line…

  4. i love this, i would like to try it if its not slimy, although i eat okra and those are pretty slimy

  5. Yay – hats off. Keep it up.

  6. Anxiously awaiting your next episode! Whenever my husband finds a scorpion, he fries it up and shares it with our kids and they love it. They also have had grasshopper sautée. As for me, I don’t eat the stuff, but I can support the cause.

  7. I ordered several lbs to eat for the first time! My wife thinks I am crazy!!!

  8. Does anyone know where to find waxworms that are gluten-free? i.e., not fed wheat bran, which probably has traces in the bugs’ digestive system, which would be bad for people with gluten allergies, celiac, etc.

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